Gmail Ads

Is it wrong to admit that I love the ads in Gmail? I just love the random stuff that appears in the Web Clips box. It’s a little creapy — but it’s still funny. Part of what I love is trying to figure out what the computers are cueing off of in my email to bring that ad up. Sometimes the ad or article is even something that I need or am looking for at that moment, which is the whole point of contextual advertising. It never seems to work on the Google ads on people’s websites and seldomly works for me in the search engine ads. But for some reason — the Gmail ads work. Maybe it’s because there’s only one at a time?

I also like that it shifts between news articles and helpful tidbits and actual, straight-up ads. I’m more willing to look at what’s there than I am a traditional ad space on a site. Maybe that’s the trick? We’re all getting more and more ad-blind. Maybe we need to start surprising people by using those ad-spaces on our sites in more creative ways. If all someone expects to see is an ad, they stop looking.

But, if what I get from time to time is a great recipe for Triple Chocolate Espresso Bean Cookies, then I’m going to be more willing to watch that space and see your ad.

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