Beyond Blogging 2006

Beyond Blogging 2006,
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Have to say — Beyond Blogging was a bit of an overstatement. Really — more like blogging 101. But, I know for many people what they heard may have been really new information. The audience wasn’t really bloggers, but more communications professionals looking to learn about how to include blogs and bloggers in communications strategies.

I was hoping too, for more of a discussion — but with something like 600 people attending — I guess that’s a little too difficult to organize.

The panelists did all have good things to say, and I can’t really disagree with any of it. More information on how to join the converstation without starting your own blog would have been a good message — but again — they only have so long to talk.

For a great synopsis on what was said, check out this post by Chris Heurer (the official blogger for the event.)

Just for full disclosure purposes, I did have to jet before the second panel really got going. I’ll look forward to the webcast of that one to see what was said.


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