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Labs_logo2_1Many people probably don’t know about the Google Labs website. It’s where they release projects that aren’t ready for primetime, but that they want people to play with and help them figure out if the public will want it. Clearly, we also help them figure out the bugs and feature issues.

Most of the really cool stuff that Google has released in the past few years have been “graduates” of the Google labs.

Today, Google released and . We’re also looking closely at the , which we’ve also recently come across.

Google Notebooks
The Notebook is a clipping service that allows you to surf and take notes around the Web. There have been quite few of these lately, but none that seemed compelling enough to bother. I use Ma.gnolia for bookmarking notes — but haven’t needed any of these services that actually “snip” parts of pages.

The Google one looks interesting enough at first glance. We’ll be playing with it here at to see if it’s something you all really should pay attention to. You can make the notebooks public, so we’ll compile one that you can review for yourselves.

Google Trends
Trends seems to be a continuation of Google info-porn that has existed in the They’ve spiffed up the Zeitgeist, and now they are letting the average person parse the data for themselves. With the new Trends site you can see what’s hot online (assuming Google searches equal this). The useful portion is that you can do a quick check to see which term is more popular on Google. Good for a quick search engine optimization gut check.

Google Co-op
In theory, is another attempt at personalized search results from Google. It appears that you can “subscribe” to particular organizations or people’s information. This information will then appear in your search results. According to Google:

“When you subscribe to someone in the Google Co-op directory, all of that provider’s labels and subscribed links will be added to your Google search results for relevant searches. The labels and links provide new and useful ways to refine your searches.”

We’ll explore what this means to companies doing business online and Google searchers. This is interesting and a potentially maddening new twist to search marketing.

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